Autumnal Photo Diary


Around Brooklyn a few weeks ago, I was shooting and spotted this really cool tan and brown van. On my walk, I started seeing similar tones everywhere so I photographed them all for a little Fall story. It feels like it has been FOREVER since I've just picked up a camera and wandered around. I realized I missed it! The iPhone can make me lazy sometimes, I guess, though I do appreciate the ease of mobile photography. Inspiration can strike at any time. You have to be receptive.

My gold Timex "Fairfield" watch complimented my surroundings so well I featured it in my photos. The watch face is so simple and elegant - the design opts for notches instead of numerical symbols. The band is textured and Iโ€™ve been wearing this watch around all season. Itโ€™s so pretty and affordable, Iโ€™m thinking it would make a great gift for watch and jewelry lovers alike. Shop it here


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