Red Door Spa: Mint Julep Pedicure

red door spa pediucure
red door spa pediucure

Every time I visit the Red Door Spa by Elizabeth Arden at Union Square I walk away feeling so refreshed. Literally this time, as I got the Mint Julep Pedicure

When you arrive you're treated to a glass of wine or some cooling cucumber water. After changing into a cozy robe, you wait in a cozy lounge area until it's pamper time. What I love most about the Mint Julep Pedicure is the multi-step process. First, you get a salt scrub, followed by a massage with mint-julep and lavender shea butter. To soften the feet even further, a parrafin treatment is applied before your polish goes on.

I chose this neutral mauve-ish shade with gold sparkles by Essie. Thank you, Red Door Spa!

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