Autumnal Photo Diary


Around Brooklyn a few weeks ago, I was shooting and spotted this really cool tan and brown van. On my walk, I started seeing similar tones everywhere so I photographed them all for a little Fall story. It feels like it has been FOREVER since I've just picked up a camera and wandered around. I realized I missed it! The iPhone can make me lazy sometimes, I guess, though I do appreciate the ease of mobile photography. Inspiration can strike at any time. You have to be receptive.

My gold Timex "Fairfield" watch complimented my surroundings so well I featured it in my photos. The watch face is so simple and elegant - the design opts for notches instead of numerical symbols. The band is textured and I’ve been wearing this watch around all season. It’s so pretty and affordable, I’m thinking it would make a great gift for watch and jewelry lovers alike. Shop it here


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Upper West Side


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Oh my. I shot this look in the SPRING. That's right, two whole seasons ago, but am just sharing now. The blog has gotten away from me for a bit... isn't Instagram supposed to be the new blogging platform now or something? New stuff coming soon. Not just saying that, I mean for realsies!

Black & White

brooklyn fashion blogger
brooklyn fashion blogger
brooklyn fashion blogger

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Catching up on posts from the summer, sue me! I stomped around all season long in these boots by Cat Footwear. I love the buckle detail and little bit of a heel. I've had this jacket for a while now but it really transitions well through pretty much any season. 

Psssst! These boots are 25% off now through 12/15, so get 'em while you can!